Firebird – fast return from Poole 24-26 Aug 2009

Keen to get to Poole, we made a pre-dawn start from Haslar to catch the tide on the way to Yarmouth and were rewarded with a spectacular sunrise.  We stopped off at Yarmouth to wait for high water at Hurst Point, then had an uneventful beat down the Needles Channel and on to Poole via the Swash Channel, dropping sails off the fueling pontoon before berthing at the Town Quay Marina.

With the remains of a hurricane threatening to come in from the Atlantic, we decided to return to Lymington the following morning, and set off in a strong SW wind with a favourable spring tide building behind us.

Realising we were doing rather well, we decided to continue to Cowes and have a crack at the Fastest Passage Prize!  It was quite bumpy off Hurst Castle, with log speed peaking at about 10 knots!

Elapsed time (corrected) over 27 NM, Poole Entrance to Cowes:  3h39m, SOG 7.4 knots!

John Halliday - Skipper, Derek Dickens - Mate, Richard Aust, Mark Bowen

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  1. I know that Ian Wells did an even faster passage later, so it would be great if he or one of his crew could post a summary!

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