View From The Bridge – Episode 3

Ask not what your club can do for you etc......* Comfortably seated around the cockpit table in the fading sun talk turned to how we each joined Phoenix and why.  The “hows” showed a multitude of pathways but there seemed to be a common theme with the “whys”.  For most people it seems that belonging…
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A Midweek Cruise to Normandy

Robert Lewcock (Skipper) Bob Cousins (Mate) John Jennison Peter Hammond After over 5 weeks of blistering summer sunshine we had all been carefully studying the weather predictions and looking forward to a chance to enjoy some cool sea breezes.  As things stood it looked as though the high sitting over Northern Europe would continue to…
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2018 Summer Cruise Week 7 – Oban to Troon

Andy Connor (s), Diana La Rue, Laurence Cale, Jonathan Gillams, Lorna McKenzie, Kiki Connor After John Halliday’s exciting excursion to Skye, we picked Relax up from the new transit marina in Oban to start the journey back south again.  It seems that the Oban authorities have finally decided that allowing yachts to moor close to town is…
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