Membership and Sailing Fees

Phoenix Yacht Club is funded entirely by its members and encourages members to use the yachts as often as possible.

To enquire about joining, please contact the Membership Secretaryor for an introductory sail see our Trial Sail Offer

Membership Fees (2017) Ordinary Members £100 pa
Family Members (including children under 18 or 21 if in full time education) £180 pa
Youth Members (age 18-25) £50 pa
Temporary Members £15 per sailing day
Young Persons Discount
Under 14 years of age 100% of Sailing Fees
14 - 18 years of age 50% of Sailing Fees
Sailing Fees (from November 2016)
Weekday* Weekend
Winter (November to March) £25 per day £35 per day
Mid-Season (April, May & October) £35 per day £55 per day
Summer (June to September) £40 per day £65 per day
Club Training, non-RYA
(additional to Sailing Fees)
£10 per day £10 per day
RYA Certificated Training
(additional to Sailing Fees)
£15 per day £15 per day
 Racing premium (additional to Sailing Fees)  £10 per day  £10 per day

*note Bank Holidays currently charged at week-day rate (concession until further notice)

Subscription Discount Scheme

The current scheme was introduced with the acquisition of Quartette's predecessor Firebird. The scheme allows club members, in return for making a debenture of £1000 to the club, a discount of £50 on their annual subscriptions and 10% discount on sailing fees. The debentures are for a period of 10 years, although they may be repaid earlier at the Club’s discretion.

Skippers over 35 years old are required to be members of this or earlier schemes.