Spellbinder – a clean bottom!

On Friday 31st March, Spellbinder availed herself of a bottom cleaning session on the Haslar boatlift. She now has a nice slippery hull in good time for the racing season, the prop has been serviced and the anodes inspected, with a good scrub of the seacock outlets.

Thanks to Nicola and Terry who volunteered to clean up the prop and shaft, as well as spending a pleasant morning pottering around while waiting for a lift landing slot.

The keel showed quite a bit of mud encrustation as the spring tide dunking in primeval goo is now a common occurrence. The gloop did come off easily and just left some minor discolouration.

All in all, a satisfying operation with a reassuring outcome, for the princely fee of £211. If Spellbinder is still with us in the Autumn she will come out for her annual anti-foul, when it would be prudent to replace the propshaft anode and the main hull anode. But we will see how things turn out over the summer.

Andy Bowerman – 2nd April 2017

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