Spellbinder Replacement Funding

PYC have built an exciting forward plan which will allow us to replace each boat every 10 years, starting this year with the replacement of our long-serving Spellbinder.  At this point we don’t yet have sufficient funds to buy a suitable boat and are requesting the support of our members to raise a further £50,000 (maximum) via the Subscription Discount Scheme (SDS) – this will enable us to replace Spellbinder and give us the foundations for our 10 year plan.

We’ve had a great start and already have over £30,000 of new SDSs taken or pledged!

Thanks so much to those involved, and to those who already subscribe to the SDS.

Once we sell Spellbinder and are ready to buy a new boat, we may still need a further £20,000, and so we would urge you to consider whether you would be able to support via SDS investment.

The SDS is not just for skippers – it is available to all members and is both a great way to support your club and an investment offering exceptional returns:

  • Investment units of £1,000 are repayable in full after 10 years
  • A member may hold up to 5 SDSs
  • £50/year discount on membership fees with your first SDS (equivalent to 5% tax-free return)
  • 10% discount on your sailing fees for each SDS held (e.g. 20% discount with 2 SDSs)

If you are able to pledge your support, wish to join the SDS, or have any questions, please contact our Treasurer Debbie Roberts in the first instance (email treasurer@phoenixyachtclub.co.uk, phone 07449 902574), or alternatively speak to Trevor Nicholls or Dave Brookes.

Thanks in advance for your support.

Debbie Roberts, Dave Brookes and Trevor Nicholls

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